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Enterprise Connect 2019 Panel: Staying On-Prem – Maybe the Cloud’s Not Right for Me (Yet)

Join Steve Leade​n (President, Leaden Associates) and fellow industry expert panelists at Enterprise Connect 2019 for Staying On-Prem – Maybe the Cloud’s Not Right for Me (Yet)


Steve Leaden (President, Leaden Associates)

Steve Forcum (Senior Technologist, Avaya)

Fernando Mousinho (Senior Director, Product Management, Cisco)

Al Hurren (SVP, Product Development, Mitel)

Tim Howard (Senior Account Manager, NEC)

Date: Wednesday, March 20

Time: 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Location: Osceola B

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is growing rapidly, but vendors are still shipping CPE, so the market’s not dead. But what should your strategy be if you’re hesitant about the cloud: Is a premise solution still relevant? For those who aren’t focusing solely on UCaaS as their next solution, what are the advantages and disadvantages of premise vs. cloud? When does it make sense to stay with premise or move to the cloud? Or would a managed premise (hybrid) model be best for your enterprise? This session will focus on the differences in decision-making and deploying a premise-based vs. a cloud-based model. The session will compare the models financially, staffing requirements, implementation strategies, and options available. You’ll come away with a better understanding for what your options are if you need to make a move but aren’t sure if the cloud is the way to go. KEY QUESTIONS: * What does one “lose” (or gain) by staying with a premise-based solution? * What are the “gotchas” to look for when considering a UCaaS to match as close to a premise solution as possible? * Will a UCaaS provider deliver with on-site support? * What are the strategies around making an intelligent decision for either platform?

For details and event registration visit the Enterprise Connect website.


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