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CX Migration Secrets Revealed

Learn the secrets for updating your legacy contact center system to get the modern contact center you need without the migration horror stories you expect.

At Genesys, we’ve helped more than 1,200 companies migrate off legacy contact center solutions. We know the secrets of a successful migration to a modern customer experience platform.

Join us for this webinar that reveals what to expect when migrating your contact center solutions. Led by industry consultant Stephen Leaden, and Jorge Hurtado Anton of Genesys, you’ll gain:

  • Insights into the real challenges of migrating your solutions in 2019

  • Details about why it's important to find a business partner-not just a technology provider-who knows the secrets

  • Information on the proven Genesys "walk, run, fly" methodology

Register today and learn the secrets to a successful customer experience migration.

Note: You must register in order to view this webinar

You can view the webinar here.

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