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Client Projects


Leaden Associates is committed to meeting your communications and information technology needs. Below are just a few examples of client projects that demonstrate how we deliver solutions, with huge savings that are often ROI positive!

VoIP/UC Managed Services Project for Major Healthcare Provider –

Leaden Associates helped facilitate a Needs Assessment and procurement for a managed VoIP/UC replacement system at a major University-based Medical Center with 9,000+ TDM phones. 55 sites were involved and evaluated.  Interviews were held with over 25 executives and lead team members for requirements, business strategy, vision, and use and benefits of VoIP technology in a healthcare environment.  Helped document an estimated $1.51M annually ($7.56M over 60 months) utilizing a managed vendor solution.  Surveyed low-voltage closets for VoIP readiness, reviewed the current data hardware infrastructure and upgrades of switches and routers necessary for a successful VoIP deployment, reviewed Hospital’s need to provide physicians mobility and eliminate pagers, reviewed the current data network for supporting an integrated, converged, VoIP/UC environment.


The assessment determined how 8000 TDM phones should be replaced and migrated to newer technology, use of Unified Communications and mobility technologies in a healthcare environment, porting of entire blocks of numbers to the new campus, migrating 2000 - 4000 remote and hospital based TDM phones to the new VoIP-based, use of SIP trunking strategies to reduce costs, interoperability between the new VoIP system with the legacy system, evaluation of call center needs and assess integrating this to new solution, evaluate existing patient phone environment including billing system and make recommendations, identification of any risks, and evaluation of cost savings and ROI.


The Result: Leaden Associates helped facilitate VoIP and UC applications, strategy, and approval to change out the existing at-risk TDM PBX legacy system for a state-of-the-art system and reducing annual costs by an estimated $1.51M.

VoIP Integrated-To-Data Network Project -

Leaden Associates facilitated the replacement of an existing frame relay network for a national imaging client.  Bandwidth constraints were a major issue, and the vendor’s original proposal was to increase their network costs by $3 million annually.  Our role was to review the vendor’s proposed topology and add value.  The final recommendation migrated the network to SONET, doubled the backbone, and added VoIP: voice calls, meet-me conferencing, and video over IP. 


The Result: Leaden Associates helped double the network backbone while reducing the client’s costs by $230,000 annually and avoided the proposed $3 million increase by the vendor, a difference of $3.2 million favoring the client.

Multi-Division Manufacturer

Leaden Associates facilitated the design and RFP of a multi-division, multi-site voice and data network procurement, including an upgrade from frame relay to MPLS, various 800 services, local CLEC bypass services, dedicated and switched rate, sophisticated 800 overflow reroute, and various Internet access points.  Client sought a longer term contract with the chosen carrier for managed services.  Leaden Associates provided detailed, sophisticated SLAs that the selected carrier had to match/exceed.


The Result:  The client saved a projected $6 million over 4 years ($1.5 million annually) based on the combined purchasing power of all divisions, with significant SLAs that provided a contract “out” based on vendor non-performance.

15,000 User Multi-site PBX and Voice Mail Replacement Project -

Leaden Associates designed and procured multiple voice communications switches for a major metropolitan New York healthcare client.  Total multi-site count included 10 sites, 15,000+ stations, and over 100 departments.  Leaden Associates designed and procured using a strategic “3 year out” look at newer technologies from major vendors/manufacturers.  The project included development of a project timeline, systems specifications, Request For Proposal, internal presentations for support staff and internal customer staff, attendance and analysis of vendor non-disclosure meetings, meeting minutes. Leaden Associates acted as customer liaison to the vendor community and helped posture the hospital as one of the most significant projects in the Northeast. 


The Result: The client successfully implemented the vendor we recommended, and vendor purchase and maintenance costs were reduced by $900,000+.

Nurse Call Upgrade/Replacement Project -

Leaden Associates project managed the deployment/replacement of 4,000+ Nurse Call stations and servers for a major healthcare institution.  The project included project managing the Nurse Call vendor, designing closets for appropriate HVAC and electrical, coordinating and implementing a 4,000+ station Nurse Call system, Nurse Call touch screens, Nurse Call paging, wireless telephone and server requirements.  The project included coordination among nurses, nurse managers, the Telecommunications Department, IT department, hospital maintenance department, and vendors (Nurse Call vendor, paging vendor).  Extra care was provided to facilitate patient care in critical-care areas while upgrading equipment. 


The Result: The client received a new state-of-the-art 4,000+ station Nurse Call system with minimal patient inconvenience and over $80,000+ savings via review of vendor Move-and-Change activity.

VoIP Solution for a Major Manufacturer, Centralizing Applications Into a Virtual Building Environment -

Leaden Associates designed, procured, and project managed a VoIP and UC system for a leading forestry manufacturer with 2000+ users among 8 sites nationally.  The client was at risk with legacy systems no longer manufactured with spares in short supply, and had recently centralized IT and other operations.  The client uses Google Gmail for e-mail and UC tools, and the selected manufacturer had to integrate with Google’s cloud-based CaaS e-mail/UC client.  Call Center, IVR, and E911 tools were utilized to manage risk to PSAP and improve on customer service reporting and workforce management.


The Result: The client was able to virtually connect all sites via a 4 digit dial network, utilize centralized voice mail for staff, utilize Unified Messaging for unifying all e-mail, voice mail, and faxing via Google Gmail client and business transforming UC applications to connect all personnel in a 24x7 environment.  The client was able to avoid over $800,000 in cost avoidance through the procurement process.

Financial Services Company – Converged Data/Voice Network and VOIP Deployment, Telecom Expense Management 

Leaden Associates facilitated the design, procurement, and project implementation of a $200+M start-up financial services company.  The design included the following for 14 sites among domestic US, Bermuda, Canada, and UK: a GB Ethernet network; VOIP to every desktop; Unified Messaging (integrated e-mail, fax, and voice mail) for all clients; remote worker access (data and IP telephone); an International managed dual-MPLS network to all corporate sites which included data, IP voice, and IP video; disaster recovery site design; and a Unified Communications platform.  Leaden Associates leveraged a 60% discount for the chosen MPLS provider through a thorough RFP procurement process, realizing annual cost avoidance of over $400,000.  Unified Communications design included IM/chat, Presence (friends list), document and file sharing, IP audio conferencing, IP video conferencing, Web collaboration, and softphones.

Leaden Associates has since provided Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services to the client, and to-date has helped identify $583,000 in carrier overbillings.


The Result: Leaden Associates provided multiple resources to help successfully design procure, and project implement a best of class, state-of-the-art VOIP-enabled Telecommunications network, managed MPLS costs through an RFP process in excess of $400,000 annually, and helped recover in excess of $500,000 in vendor carrier overbilling.

Pharmaceutical Customer Service/Pharmaceutical Call Center -

Leaden Associates designed and project managed a pharmaceutical Call Center and fulfillment warehouse.  Project timing and approval were minimal, and procurement and project implementation were performed in only weeks from inception.  The Call Center design included number of agents, multiple prompts, agent and supervisory real-time displays and reporting, inbound queue status and development, visual indications, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications, PRI T-1 services, multiple 800 services, Caller ID/ANI.  Wide Area Network services connected two Data Centers, with redundant Intranet and Internet access, as well as voice/data cable infrastructure and equipment room requirements.  Project management included weekly conference calls, maintaining “pressure” on all vendors for deliverables, escalation and expediting to ensure all services were provided on time.


The Result: The client realized a successful Call Center implementation in only weeks, and saved $200,000 through hardware and carrier competitive bids. 

ZERO Cost Technology Project -

Leaden Associates facilitated the Needs Analysis, Request For Proposal (RFP) process, vendor selection, and system implementation for an 1,800 station higher education facility.  Facets included cabling infrastructure, long distance services, billing systems, and voice hardware (PBX and voice mail) systems.  The project was delivered and implemented on the basis of a long-term agreement with a selected vendor at Zero capital cost to the University.  The selected vendor provided hardware and carrier services, including horizontal cabling, vertical cabling, voice hardware, equipment room build ($50,000+) all at no capital cost to the University. 


The Result: The client obtained a new 1,800 station multi-site PBX and voice/data cabling infrastructure at ZERO capital cost, and monthly costs were substantially below market equivalent costs.  Project value: $3,000,000+, with vendor contractual performance requirements favoring the client for an “early” contract out.

Major Publisher - Multiple Projects –

Leaden Associates has provided multiple project support and design for a major national publisher.  We have supported voice, data, cabling, and equipment room development for various branches and corporate headquarters totaling over 1,000+ stations.  We designed an integrated voice/data network to remote facilities, designed and implemented multiple T-1 circuits, managed cable design/routing/testing.  We designed a complex riser system in a historical building determining 3 alternate routes, providing conduit with minimal impact to the building architecture.  We facilitated reduction in voice carrier costs via a traffic analysis and RFP, reducing long distance costs by over $250,000 annually.  We have provided ongoing support to branch locations.


The Result: The client has received technical and strategic expertise and timely project delivery and support.  The client has saved $250,000 annually leveraging our expertise.

Manufacturer - Multiple Projects -

Leaden Associates has facilitated the design and implementation for a number of projects for a major consumer-based manufacturer.  Leaden Associates designed for a major PBX upgrade, designed remote access for voice/data/video services for a new facility, and designed and coordinated all IT-related services for a new facility in Puerto Rico, including a PBX telephone system, voice mail, PA system, cabling infrastructure, voice/data equipment room design, and voice/data carrier services.  Leaden Associates managed the design/implementation of a server-based recording system for the client’s Call Center to efficiently track recording of calls.  Recently we designed and procured new voice and data carrier services for the company’s voice and data VPN network requirements.


The Result: Leaden Associates provided expertise supplementing internal staff to help manage their Telecommunications hardware/carrier infrastructure and costs, while facilitating over $200,000 in reduced hardware and voice/data network carrier costs.

Smart Building Project -

A Needs Analysis was performed for a major corporate building (60+ floors) in Manhattan.  The owners were looking for a competitive carrier to provide facilities in the building through a separate entrance from existing Verizon services, introducing competition to facilitate tenant pricing and service offerings.  Interviews were performed with all tenants to determine the possible business case for a competitive carrier in the building.  Surveys were taken for appropriate riser and building entrance routes and conduit sizing.  A database with projected tenant requirements, profiles, and revenues was developed for all Telecommunications components.  Pictures were taken to document all riser closets. 


The Result: The study provided a business case for an alternate carrier to supply services to the owners at NO cost to the owner (originally $60,000) and a percentage of ongoing revenue to the owner.

Municipality – VoIP Project

The client currently has a Centrex that expires in the near future.  The client is looking to replace the Centrex and reduce costs substantially by adding VoIP to the desktop (IP Telephony) to all sites.  The client retained Leaden Associates to validate savings and facilitate a migration path to VoIP.  Leaden Associates is providing in-depth planning via comparative analysis of various IP-PBX manufacturers, analyzing E-911 alternatives based on city and state requirements, and is providing direction on best VoIP practices to implement the new systems successfully. 


The Result:  The client will have documented annual Centrex savings, a VoIP PBX/voice mail system planned-for in advance, an E-911 system and strategy that will match city/state requirements, and a robust data network carrying VoIP.

Multi-Site K-12 National Technology Design and Rollouts –

Leaden Associates has supported all voice and wide area network services associated with a national charter school K-12 education client.  The client believes in a unique curriculum, and understands the importance of technology in today's environment for the elementary education community.  Leaden Associates has designed and project managed voice and data communications systems for 80+ schools.  Technologies supported included voice PBX systems, voice mail systems, PA systems, cabling infrastructure interconnections, frame relay network, database development, voice mail scripting, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and project management of all locations.  Part of the design strategy included "seamless" interconnections and networking among all sites. 


The Result: The client has received significant value using our services by extending internal staff and providing outsourced expertise during peak periods for technology design and implementation.  Client savings/cost avoidance leveraging our knowledge has exceeded $900,000.

Healthcare Voice/Data Project -

Leaden Associates project managed a major healthcare facility in New York.  Scope and responsibilities of the project included the design of a universal twisted pair/fiber optic cable plant connecting 800+ stations and 6 major closets.  Leaden Associates managed all project facets for cabling, PBX telephone system, voice mail, security, and data network - including Needs Analysis, Request For Proposal, financial analysis, GANTT implementation plan, Project Management, equipment room requirements, user “how to” cheat sheets, systems test and acceptance.  The Wide Area Network design was enhanced by integrating voice ADPCM compression technology, doubling the number of voice paths, while adding complex remote security applications. 


The Result: The client received a state-of-the-art voice and data Telecommunications network at nominal cost for a start-up facility.  Extensive documentation was delivered to provide ongoing facility management.  The client benefited from reducing procurement costs by $220,000.

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