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Laura Sikorski

Consultant, Contact Center


Laura Sikorski is a recognized expert in Contact Centers, Project/Program Management and Business Operations.  She has worked with hospitals, utilities, automobile manufacturers and numerous other industries across the nation.

Ms. Sikorski has led as Project Manager for several mid-to-large Call Center clients, delivering highly specialized projects in a timely manner.  Laura brings industry knowledge of major manufacturers including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Unify, and NEC, among others.  Her knowledge of Call Center tools and how to best integrate them into the Customer Service environment is extensive.  Laura strategically includes Call Center best practices in her role as Project Manager, including effective call completion, abandoned call rates, phone trees, call flow, training, staffing requirements during peak and non-peak periods. Laura also considers all Call Center tools for most

The Call Center policies, procedures, technology improvements, training programs and implementation plans developed by Laura have improved operational excellence.  They have enabled staff to proactively anticipate customer needs to resolve all issues through consistency and product knowledge and ensure employees are consistently meeting and/or exceeding customer expectations and satisfaction.
rollout and use and implementation, including Skills Based Routing, Call Routing, Average Speed of Answer, Abandoned Call Rate, Customer Survey options, Recorded Announcement Devices, Wallboards, Interactive Voice Response, Computer Telephony Integration/Screen Pops, Speech Recognition, Call Recording, Predictive Dialing, Call Blending, Timed Callbacks, Custom Reporting, Workforce Management, Remote Worker capability, Unified Messaging, Unified Communications such as IM/chat and presence,  other features/applications including ANI/Caller ID, live Web chat, e-mail and Web queries, and voice queue servers among others.

A recent hospital Call Center project involved an operations analysis and implementation of the recommended changes.  Results decreased abandoned call percentages from 80% to 3-5%, decreased average answer time from 15 minutes to 30 seconds, decreased customer complaints to 7-10 a day to 0-2 per month and the development of training and cross-training programs that reduced stress for employees and increased their empowerment.

She performed an operations analysis and made recommendations (CRM, HR, Training, Process and Technology) that would shift the key performance indicators from efficiency to effectiveness for a utility.  Customer revenue, retention and ranking of their service image were the drivers for this project. First Call Resolution is currently achieved in most situations; however, Zero Call Resolution will be the ultimate goal. This utility plans to implement technology, staffing and process changes that would anticipate the reasons for customer calls and reach out to them, based on their method of choice, before that customer knows they have an issue.

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