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John McKiernan

Senior Consultant


John McKiernan has worked in the telecommunications industry for thirty years, helping businesses utilize technology in the most cost effective way possible. He has designed voice and data systems with complete implementation and project management responsibility; conducted system replacement analysis and redesign of existing systems; and worked with manufacturers and interconnect firms to enhance their sales and marketing effectiveness. John’s expertise is the knowledge derived from hands-on familiarity with the functional design, selection, and implementation of the telecommunications platforms available in the domestic and global marketplace. His practical experience with VoIP systems, Interactive Voice Response applications, Contact Center design, Complex Premise Wiring Plans, and Local Exchange/Inter-Exchange Carrier products, has enabled many clients to reap the benefits of advanced communications technology at an acceptable cost. Mr. McKiernan has been engaged by companies in the medical, broadcast, banking, brokerage, publishing, entertainment, advertising, consulting, and public sector industries. He is recognized by the consultant liaison programs of the major telecommunications manufacturers and frequently participates in design meetings that contribute to the improved ergonomics of system features and applications. Mr. McKiernan is familiar with both the theoretical and practical aspects of emerging

technologies and has implemented converged video, audio, voice, and data Internet Telephony projects for a variety of corporate and institutional clients.

The range and scope of some of the projects undertaken by Mr. McKiernan include the following:

· Implemented a Voice/Data IP wireless network for a major retail establishment to promote sales force mobility and inventory control;

· Coordinate the design and installation of a multi-site IP and unified messaging platform for a major legal services firm;

· Conducted education/training seminar for the sales force of a major Telephony equipment manufacturer, the purpose of which was to create an awareness of end-user needs and competitive position;

· Selection and implementation of voice and data networks in conjunction with the relocation of major corporate offices;

· Implementation of complex market data delivery systems and specialized trading desk technology in banking and brokerage institutions;

· Design and management of redundant, mission-critical voice and data

telecommunications networks for multi-building urban medical centers and

convention centers;

· Analysis and review of customized domestic/international calling plans offered by the primary and secondary interchange carriers on behalf of a multi-national corporate client;

· Assisting a publishing/entertainment conglomerate with strategic and tactical

telecommunications planning for the headquarters and affiliate locations;

· Developed specification and application criteria for the selection and installation of a relational database (directory, cable management, call accounting, etc.) for a corporate Telemanagement function.

John possesses working level knowledge of the major VoIP technology platforms especially Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel, NEC, and Mitel systems.

Education: Mr. McKiernan holds B.A. and M.S. degrees from Fordham University.

Member, Society of Communications and Technology Consultants and Consultant Liaison Programs - Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, NEC, and ShoreTel

Other - U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain and certified Teacher-NY State

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