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Edison Schools (formerly The Edison Project)

Leaden Associates participates and supports all voice and wide area network services associated with this national charter school lower educational client. Edison believes in a unique curriculum, and also understands the importance of technology in today's environment for the lower education community, as their mission statement states that "technology is the second language". Leaden Associates designs all voice Telecommunications components (hardware and network services) for the past seven  years, with projects totaling 60+ during this period. Technologies supported included voice PBX systems, voice mail systems, PA systems, cabling infrastructure interconnections, Wide Area Network applications including a frame relay network, long distance infrastructure, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications.  Other areas supported include database development, voice mail script development, coordination of installation of all locations. "Seamless" interconnections and networking among all sites is used as part of the design strategy. Savings in 1997 “ 2000 through competitive analysis/cost avoidance exceeded $900,000.

Columbia Presbyterian Eastside - Voice/Data Project

Leaden Associates project managed a major outsourced health care facility in New York. Scope and responsibilities of project included the design, procurement, andimplementation of universal twisted pair/fiber optic cable plant using CAT5 cabling scheme and multimode fiber interconnecting the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) with all local closets.  It also included the design and implementation of a PBX and Voice Messaging System for new facility, including requirements analysis, system specification, Request For Proposal, proposal evaluation and recommendation, before-tax financial analysis, implementation plan (GANTT), equipment room requirements, floor plan preparation, development of user how to procedures, systems test and acceptance. Leaden Associates designed, procured, and provided installation supervision of Wide Area Network facilities for user offsite connectivity to multiple network systems, tie line applications using ADPCM compression, and remote security applications.  We developed extensive documentation which included narrative section of facility design and use of various Telecommunications equipment, database which showed all equipment and cabling details for disaster planning purposes, and graphic section showing floor plan details, cabling pinouts, and others.  Estimated cost avoidance through design and procurement phases exceeded $230,000 over a 3 year period.

MIM Corporation/MIM Health Plans

Leaden Associates is involved with many Telecommunications -related activities for this client.  We have designed, procured, and are project managing a corporate-wide voice/data network, including Intranet applications and .com applications for call center fulfillment centers. We have assisted with review and approval of all corporate telecom billing for accuracy and recovery of network overbilling, estimated alone at $100 ,000+.  We have been involved with process and technical improvements in the customer service center. We recently evaluated the possible acquisition for help-desk function and homegrown WEB-based software application. Cost savings though billing consolidation and network improvements is estimated at $240,000+ annually.

Forbes, Inc.

Leaden Associates provides ongoing multi-project support and design for Forbes, Inc. the notable national business publication within the New York metropolitan area and nationally.  We have been involved in specification development and procurement for various  branches and Forbes headquarters totaling over 900+ stations. Leaden Associates designed an integrated voice/data network application to remote Forbes facility, involving design and implementation of multiple T-1 circuits, cable design/routing/testing.  We helped facilitate analysis of long distance services via a traffic analysis, reducing long distance costs by over $250,000 annually.  We are involved with supporting branch facilities on an ongoing basis.

Bermuda Commodities Exchange (BCE)

Leaden Associates designed, procured, and project managed an International Intranet network and cabling project for the Bermuda Commodities Exchange in Hamilton, Bermuda. The project involved the design of WEB-based commodities exchange where most transactions take place via the Internet and WEB browser via encrypted transaction from anywhere worldwide.  A partial list of clients for this exchange are located in New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and South America. The project involved design and procurement of a security firewall system, database/WEB/firewall servers, design alternatives for dedicated and frame relay networks, acquisition of an Internet ISP, design/implementation of cabling infrastructure, trading floor design, voice PBX system and voice mail system, equipment room design and requirements including space/electric/HVAC systems. The project included specification development and Request For Proposal issuance and analysis for the services required.

Columbia University “ Health Sciences Housing “ ZERO Cost  Project

Leaden Associates participated in the Needs Analysis, Request For Proposal Development, vendor selection, and system implementation for an 1,800 stationColumbia University facility. Facets included cabling infrastructure, long distance services, billing systems, and voice hardware (PBX and voice mail) systems. The project was delivered and implemented on the basis of a long-term agreement with a select vendor atZERO capital cost to Columbia University. The selected vendor provided hardware and carrier services, including horizontal cabling, vertical cabling, voice hardware, equipment room build (alone estimated at $50,000+) all at no capital cost to the University. The project was valued at $3+ million. The scope of the project encompassed basic communications needs and voice messaging capability to all student dormitories and other technologies of interest to the University. It involved the design and implementation of an inter-building integrated voice and data network, which included backbone cabling and microwave between buildings, voice riser within the building, voice/data CAT5 wiring horizontally throughout the facilities, and private T-1 services throughout. Extra attention and detail was required to develop a  Request For Proposal and contractual clauses that protected the interests of the University.

The New York Presbyterian Hospital

Leaden Associates designed and procured new voice  communications switches for this major metropolitan New York healthcare client. Total multisite count included over 10 sites and 15,000+ stations.  Leaden Associates designed and procured for multiple departments and organizations using a strategic “behind the scenes” look at newer technologies on the horizon in 3 years from major vendors/manufacturers. The project included development of a project timeline, systems specification, Request For Proposal, internal presentations for internal and departmental staff, attendance and analysis of vendor nondisclosure meetings, meeting minutes. Leaden Associates acted as liaison to the vendor community on behalf of New York Presbyterian, and facilitate an atmosphere that postured New York Presbyterian as one of the most significant projects during that period. This posturing helped create significant major reductions in bid costs for new switches, estimated at $400,000+.

MIMRx.com “ A Dot.Com Call Center

Leaden Associates designed and implemented a Dot.Com Call Center and warehouse in Columbus, Ohio for pharmaceutical prescription fulfillment.  Leaden Associates provided complete design, procurement, and project management support for MIMRx. The design of the call center included number of agents, personalized prompts, outbound route development, displays, supervisory real-time displays and reporting, inbound queue status and development, wait times, visual indications, future Interactive Voice Response and Computer Telephony Integration applications, PRI T-1 services for multiple personalized 800 services, Caller ID/ANI.  Wide Area Network services included connecting two Data Centers, 2xT-1 redundant Internet access circuits, relocation of existing services from Cleveland including Resporg of existing 800 services to new carrier, design/build of all voice/data cable infrastructure throughout the facility, equipment room requirements build. Through competitive bids, Leaden Associates saved the client in excess of $200,000 for all hardware and carrier services.  Project management services included weekly conference calls, minutes and meeting notes provided within 2 hours via e-mail, maintaining “pressure” on all vendors for deliverables (both hardware and carrier), escalation and expediting during the project management phase to assure all services were provided on time based on project deliverables with short lead times.

Hackley School

Leaden Associates designed and procured a complex campus cabling infrastructure for a major private school in Westchester County, NY.  This facility is a landmark site and in an area where bedrock is common at the site, where cable routes internal to the building and fiber-optic facilities interconnecting various buildings were at best, very difficult.  Interconnections and routes were required to interconnect all 20+ buildings into a seamless environment. The proper design and routing of all cable and location of all patch panels and closets were crucial to the success of the project. Leaden Associates compiled a cable design compendium and detailed CAD drawings indicating specific cable pulls, cable lengths, and parts numbers. And 19” cabinet layouts of various components.

Columbia University Health Sciences Division Voice Messaging Project

Leaden Associates performed a 100 department/5,000 user Needs Analysis and systems design for new voice messaging system which included voice mail, auto attendant/call processing, fax integration facilities, interactive voice response to both mainframe and PC-based applications, and information/audiotext applications. Leaden Associates, assisted with strategic pricing for internal billback/price  justification purposes for internal cost recovery purposes.