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Our Solutions

From Concept to Completion

Leaden Associates is with you, our client, every step of the way.  From concept to completion, we can assist in each of the following areas or in only those that apply to your specific project.


  • Needs Assessment:  We meet with you and your staff and identify needs relative to your business and technology requirements.  After careful analysis, we recommend the most technically efficient, cost-effective systems for your requirements that reflect your business objectives and culture.  We provide you with a report outlining technical recommendations, network improvements, and value-based cost avoidance/cost reduction.


  • System Procurement:  During this process, we develop a Request for Proposal (RFP), which we send to competing vendors.  We partner with our customers, helping them to select the right equipment and services.  We stay involved after purchase, often facilitating between our clients and their vendors.


  • System Implementation:  We help facilitate project management on behalf of the client - it commonly involves a GANTT chart with milestone dates.  Our project management services will include all facets of the network to be implemented/upgraded with managed expectations of each of the parties involved to keep the project on-track, on-time.  During this phase we negotiate and work congruently with vendors, architects, trade unions and contractors to insure a timely, successful installation.


  • Documentation and Technical Drawing Services:  We provide all necessary documentation and diagrams to help you better control your systems, including narrative design/description, equipment and network databases, and CAD/logical diagrams.


  • Training: We are available to instruct personnel on the proper use of all equipment.


  • Ongoing Support Services:  We provide ongoing support services as an extension of your internal staff, part-time. In most cases the cost for our services part-time will be less than the cost to hire additional staff.  We provide ongoing review of Communications billing, vendor contracts and Service level Agreements (SLAs), network troubleshooting, move-and-change activity, database and documentation updates, and Communications management.


  • Communications Audits – To facilitate network ROI, we audit your voice and data network for anomalies, overbillings, and inaccuracies and obtain credits from your Communications vendors.  We also optimize your network to facilitate your network costs by leveraging bandwidth, lines, and network routing.


Call Leaden Associates


We're looking forward to discussing our capabilities in greater detail.  So please, call us for an initial, no cost consultation to learn about your network and provide initial direction.  We'll show you what a clear difference Leaden Associates makes on your company's bottom line.

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